Baby Hedgehog care | hedgehog cost | hedgehog images in 2020

Baby Hedgehog care | hedgehog cost | hedgehog images in 2020

In this article I will tell you about baby hedgehog, what is a baby hedgehogs called?”and what is the cost of them, baby hedgehog food, where to buy a baby hedgehog?.

I also tell you about many other facts about hedgehogs, so let’s start the article.

In the present age we now prefer to have a pet at home and this is a very interesting thing. Then you  will think about what kind of pets you will keep and what pets will be good. I think hedgehog are good choice for you.

In the past, hedgehogs did not like  to stay home as a pets, but now days hedgehogs as a pet is very popular around the world.

If you are a pet lover and want to buy a baby hedgehogs as a pet in your home then at first you have to know all about baby hedgehogs ,so  that your pet stays healthy and live long. Now lets go to the main topic “Baby hedgehogs”.

Now let me tell you one thing, baby hedgehogs are very sensitive so you have to take great care of them. Do you know how long do hedgehogs live?, before taking hedgehog you have to know everything about hedgehog.

Baby hedgehogs:

Baby hedgehogs are small mammals. There are the 17 individual species  in the world. In hedgehogs there are almost 5000 to 7000 individual spikes and each one of these spikes is made by keratin.

They use their spikes as weapon against enemy. Baby  hedgehogs receive birth without visible spine and originate shortly after birth. When it comes in contact with an unfamiliar sensation, then it will make their body like a solid ball. As a result, it serves as a way to protect spikes.

Baby hedgehogs are a very cute and lovely pets. Baby hedgehogs are called hoglets. They are usually born in between June – July and they are mostly born two or three from one mother.

Wild hedgehogs will be their mother for the first three or for weeks of life and help the mother to find food. Baby hedgehogs are with their mother some time after birth and then they go out look their own food.

Many times their mother can eat them if they distrub their mother. Baby hedgehogs are more at risk of survival in wild ares. If you want to keep hedgehogs as a pet, then they need to be more careful when raising them and to provide proper nutritious food and control the temperature where they live.

Baby hedgehogs weight:

Baby hedgehogs weight between 30 to 85 grams in 2 weeks after their birth and 110 to 170 grams in 4 weeks after their birth. Upto 260 grams by their sixth weeks.

How do long hedgehogs live?

The average life time of hedgehogs is 3 to 7 years. . If you take great care of your hedgehog only then your hedgehog can reach this average age or either not. If you take care your hedgehog’s feeding, cleaning, treatment, nutrition, proper housing etc. then your hedgehog can live this average time. Some hedgehogs may live more than 10 years and some hedgehog live upto 3 years.

What is a baby hedgehogs called?

Baby hedgehogs are called hoglets. This name is called from 1990 s . Earlier most of the time they are called pups, urchins, kits or piglets and sometimes most of the books about mammals just called ‘baby’ or ‘young’ hedgehogs.

Baby hedgehogs are small animals and they are entitled to angular face. Hedgehogs are usually white, black and brown color.

What is the cost of a baby hedgehogs?

Baby hedgehog’s price are depends on their breed, color and age. Their price are different in different countries. This can range from around $70 for a normal color or up to $300 for more unique colored baby hedgehogs.

Some rare baby hedgehog’s price can be up to $500 and a baby hedgehog with blue eyes was sold in $1200 which is very expensive.

Rare species of hedgehogs are more expensive compared to others. So if you looking for a baby hedgehog for buy then you have to know the price of hedgehog.

There are some benefits or advantage to keeping a baby hedgehogs as a pet:

Hedgehogs are usually very attractive and cute pets.Most of the hedgehogs are would not bite and are not more aggressive.

In the past, they are not much taken as pets. But, now days more than 40,000 are kept in United States as a pet. These baby hedgehogs easily create some kind of friendly relationship  early on.

There are some advantages to keeping a baby hedgehogs as a pet:

  • Quite and active: keep the hedgehogs in your home they will be Very quiet and active. There are many pets like dog and parrot, they do not live quietly and scream. And if you are a very peaceable person then a hedgehogs is a good choice for you.
  • Entertaining: Baby hedgehogs will give you lot of fun. It is so nice to see them when they play. And it will sleep on your hands many times because of its small size.
  • Low maintenance: Hedgehogs are much less expensive to feed than other pets and  they cost less to maintain. On other hand cats and dogs are very expensive. Do you know in between dog or cat who is better, in some cases cats is better than dogs and in some cases dogs is better than cats.
  • If you have a small chilfren in your home than you should not be kept hedgehogs as a pet beause hedgehogs can often bite your children.

Baby hedgehogs food:

When there is a baby hedgehogs in your home, then you should provide to good and healthy food. Because , if you don’t give healthy food to your pets, their health will not be good.

Many of you don’t know what do eat baby hedgehogs ? And if you are new owner of a baby hedgehogs then it is the most important thing that know the answer. So,  I will tell you the answer of this questions.

  • Some hedgehogs food are available in online. Hedgehogs are love small pieces of boiled eggs and drink them clean and fresh water.
  • Do not give them cow’s milk so they can have diarrhea.

Where to buy a baby hedgehogs?

You have to must verify before buying a baby hedgehogs. Some list where to buy a baby hedgehogs:

  1. An online breeder.
  2. A local privately-owned pet store.
  3. An online advertising source like craigslist.
  4. Filpkart, Amazon, Walmart etc.

But always remember that buy your pet hedgehog from a reputed breeder.

Bottom line is baby hedgehogs are good as pet but you have to take good care of them.

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I hope you learn something from this article. Now if anybody ask you about baby hedgehog, I know you can answer them. If you have any important information about baby hedgehog then send to us.

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