Bird and the bees | Top facts about Bird and the bees:

Bird and the bees | Top facts about Bird and the bees:

Bird and the bees | Top facts about Bird and the bees:

In this article I will tell you about “Bird and the Bees”, and ” what do bird & bees mean?”, “How do bird reproduce?”, “Are honey bee dangerous?”, and  I also tell you about “Do honey bee sting?”, ” why don’t  birds get electrocuted ?”. So lets start the topic “Bird and the bees”.

Bird and the bees | Top facts about Bird and the bees:

Here I will give you all the information about birds and the bees. Hopefully by reading all of this article  you will find more information about bird and the bees. Here I Will tell you “what birds and bees eat?” & “Do honey bees sting?”, ” Are honey bee dangerous ?”, and many more interesting things about bird and the bees.

We all love birds because birds are so cute and colorful. We also loves to hear birds singing. Cuckoo is the bird who is famous for their sweet sound. When we see a bird flying and hearing bird sound then we feel joy so bird is good for us, we like birds but do you ever think what bees think about birds?, are birds as beautiful as them? no, bees do not like birds because some birds eats bees. 

Some birds eat bees. Bees are afraid when they see a bird. Birds eat bees ad their larvae. The relation between bird and the bees is not like bread and the butter, the relation between bird and the bees is like a cat and a rat relation. 

What do birds and the bees mean:


Bird is a beautiful animals with toothless beaked jaws , wings, feathers,and two legs. Most of the bird can fly using their wings and some  birds are not able to fly . They are emus ,rheas, penguins, steamer duck, weka, ostrich, kiwi etc. Although these birds cannot fly , they have some special characteristics like, emus and rheas are the good runners & penguins are expert of swimming and diving. The largest  living flying bird name is “Royal albatross”.

Various types of bird are available in the whole world. There are over 10,000 species bird are available across the world. About 1301 species of bird are available in India. 

Different species of bird comes different colors. Some birds are very beautiful. There are some birds who change their place in time to time that is they stay in summer at one place and winter is another place.

Here are the three types of bird:-

Tweety birds:

They are the some list of tweety birds – finches, robins, sparrows etc.

Ducky birds:

They are the some list of duckey birds – ducks, swans, sea gulls, albatrosses etc.

Hawk-like birds:

They are the some list of hawk-like birds-  Red- tailed hawk, sharp-shinne hawk, red-shouldered hawk, rough-legged hawk, northern harrier etc.

If you think to take a pets at your home than bird is good choice. Birds are colorful and beautiful. If you trained well than the bird behave with you as a friend. So, if you have a bird or you are thinking to take a bird as a pets in your home , then you have to know a few things about birds like what do bird eat, how do birds reproduce,and many more things about birds.

Bird and the bees both have important to us and our environment. Bees gives us honey which is very good healthy food for us. 

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Bees are a small animals. They are flying insects and closely brelated to the wasps and ants. A bee’s body divided into 3 parts . There are a head with to antennae, a thorax with six legs, and an abdomen.

Scientific name: Hymenoptera.

In one honey hives there are three types of bee are present: workers, drones, and a queen. They do different works in the hives. In between bird and the bees, birds have much more species than bees. Bees are following types-

Worker bee: 

In a hives the majority of bees are workers bees. They are female bee and cannot capable of reproducing. Workers bee are smaller and they do all the works in hives like house keeping and feeding the queen and larvae , another work in the hives and control the hives. They are the most aggressive bees. 

Queen bee: 

Queen bee is the largest and leader bee in the colony with a long, graceful and beautiful body. She is only capable to reproducing in the hives. The queen bee are alive upto six years. She is the longest living bee in the honey hive. Queen bee are selected by the workers and workers are fed royal jelly to that larvae and take care of upto when she sexually mature .

Drone bee:

A drone bee are male bee in the hives with bigger eyes and lack stingers. The main job of drone is to meet the queen and drones are not capable to protect the hive and they don’t have the body parts to collect the pollen from the flowers. Drone bees are produced from the unfertilized eggs.

There are between 80 and 100 million domesticated honey bee hives in the world. Each hive has between 10000 to 60000 bees. Among them some of  the species can sting you and most of the species cannot sting you.

Can birds eat bees?

Yes birds can eat bees but not all the bird eats bees, only few birds eats bees. There are some bird who eat bees but not their main diet. Some birds are who eat bees in their main diet is King birds, Swifts, Mockingbirds, Thrushes and Martins. This type of birds are found in most of South Europe,  Africa , Asia, Australia. In between bird and the bees, birds are the enemy of bees. 

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Which skill is need to catch a bee:

Bird and the bees | Top facts about Bird and the bees:

Catching a bee is not as easy task for birds. Bird and the bees both are very fast. Bees are usually small and fast to speed and don’t fly in a straight line. So,  to catch the bees , the bird have must the same quality. There are some bird they have that quality. And most of the bird are like hunt in slow motion. Some birds are eat bees in occasional time not everyday diet plan.

The summer Tanagers & Scarlet Tanager: The summer tanagers and the scarlet tanager are the most additional birds that eat bees in a food. These birds are very large in size and they can travel far and  they are mainly found in the south Africa and Asia. These birds and the bees are enemy forever.

Occasional Bee Consumers: purple martins are the occasional bee consumers. They are specially found in the US. Purple martins eats bee in the occasion time not everyday diet plan. Purple martins are very beautiful birds .

The Honey Buzzard: One bird that eat larvae of bees and wasps. Bees are don’t sting honey buzzard. Bees can not sting because the birds head covered with a special type of feathers. These  type of birds are found in Australia. 

What do birds eat? Bird food:

The answer to this questions cannot be give in singular way because different birds are eat different kind of food. There are the some list of food do bird eat-

1. Seeds, grasses, and plant material.

2. Fruits, nuts, berries.

3.  Snakes, rodents, insects, worms , grubs and other small animals.

Here are the list of some birds name that which birds eat which food-

1. Fruit– Eating Birds: American robin, Bay headed  tanager, Black collared  barbet, Black flower pecker, Blaze-winged parakeet, Blue cotinga , Blue- crowned parakeet etc.

2. Insect-Eating Birds: Bank swallow, Black

Backed kingfisher, Black – billed cuckooo, American kestrel, American dipper, Acron, woodpecker , etc.

3. Necter-Eating Birds: Beautiful sunbird, Black – chinned hamming bird, Black-throated flowerpieneer, Bananaquit, Black and red myzomela, etc.

Which food kills the birds:

Some foods are toxic or kills for the birds . Eating too much of this food the birds can slowly  move to death. There are the name of some toxic food are- chocolate, apple seeds, onions, mushrooms, avocado, beans, tomato leaves, high levels of salt and alcohol etc. 

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What do bees eat? Bees food:

Bird and the bees | Top facts about Bird and the bees:

The answer of this questions is very easy and simple. Normally the bees are eat necter and pollen . Pollen is found on many flowers trees and it is a very purest and natural things and food for the honey bees. The bees can fly about one or two miles for collecting the pollen. After collecting the pollen the bees are converted into pure honey and it is very healthy for human and bees both of us. 

The maximum honey bee larvae eat honey and the queen bee of the hives are sen by the worker bees are fed royal jelly. Royal jelly is a white secretion which is produce by the young worker bees. Queen bees are eat royal jelly so they grow up very quickly .

In one day, the bees are collect about 15 g of pollen.what the bees eat fruits? Yes, the bees eat fruit when pollen is low. Here are the some list of fruit that bees eat are- plums, peaches, greps, apples, figd and pears.

If you are a beekeeper than you know the little fact about bee that ” Do bee eat sugar cyrup?”  the answer is yes, bees eat simple sugar solution. In now days , many types of bee food are available in the market.

Look at! How do birds reproduce:

The process of reproduce system of a bird is lengthy & difficult . The bird reproduce by internal fertilization during the egg is fertilized in the female body. The best breeding time for the most birds are summer and spring.

Bird and the bees both lay eggs. This is the common characteristics between bird and the bees (another common characteristics between bird and the bees is both can fly).  

Male birds posses two testicles and the female birds of most species have only one ovary. The reproduce system of  a bird is explain to many steps : courtship and  mating , nesting and incubation, hatchlings, parental care.

Courtship is a social practice where the male attracted and interacted female of a species and leading to mating and start  reproduction. After courtship and mating than comes nesting and incubation time. This time the bird build a nest to protect their egg until the whole incubation period.

Bird mostly build a nest top of the tree and many other places. They give to it until the egg becomes  mature and fit for hatchlings. After hatchlings the eggs than time to take care of it that is called parental care. The parent birds take care of small baby bird  until they are capable for fly. So i think you will understand that how do bird reproduce.

Why don’t birds get electrocuted:

When we are sitting next to the windows of  the house , we can see that there are many birds sitting on the electric cables. Then we usually think that when we touch the electric wire , we are getting current shocked , but the bird are not getting shocked by the electric wire. Why ?

So lets see the reason why do not bird get electrocuted. We can say that electricity works : electrons flows though the conductor. Bird are sitting the electric cable but they did not get electrocuted it means they are not good conductor. That’s why the electrons not feel any presence of good conductor. Between bird and the bees, bees can get electrocuted but bird can’t. 

The tissue or cell of birds are not flows the current that’s why they are not getting any electric shocked. Since the bird is not good conductor of electricity, it ignore the bird and goes their own destination via copper wire. I hope you may like the simple answer .

Do honey bee sting:

Yes, honey bee sting.  Basically, honey bee sting you to protect herself. Generally honey bee don’t sting you without any reason. If they feel danger from you and you come to near of honey bees than they are too much scared and sting you for protect herself or hives.

Mainly , workers bee and queen bee are sting or bite you . Male bees are not sting because of him lack of stingers and they do not live more time so they specially spent time in inside of hives. Bees are like as aggressive but they are lived in peace and if you not disturb the bees and they do not  feel scared for you than they don’t sting you. 

If honey bee are sting you then you look that the stinger are inside on your skin if yes then take out it from your skin. And wash your skin by a soap and put some honey  in that place.  If it hurts then go to the doctor and follow the instruction of doctor. If you would like to know more about this than click on the link.

Are honey bee dangerous?

Not all bees are harmful to humans but some bees are more dangerous for humans and they are became a reason of human death.The most dangerous bees are African bees. A honey bee able to sting a person using its stinger. One bees sting are not dangerous for human body but many bees sting in one human body is dangerous.

There are many people who are killed by bees. One person can tolerate 50 to 70 sting , more than 70 stings, it is very harmful for him. And immediately go to the hospital. So, i will advise you please  take minimum safe distance from the honey bee hives and you are a beekeeper than wear a proper protective dress when you go to the honey bees hives and closer to bees. Between bird and the bees, bees are dangerous for people, bird usually do not attack us.


Bird and the bees both are important to us. Bird and the bees both help us to live a better life. In this article I wrote many important information about bird and the bees. I hope you like this article and if you know something interesting about bird and the bees which information is not here than you can send the information about “bird and the bees” to us. If your information is good than I will add your information in this article or my other bard and the bees related article. Now if anybody ask you anything about bird and the bees, I hope you can give answer or you can share my article to him/her. 

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