Most beautiful dog breeds in the world- Latest 10 beautiful dogs


Top 9+ most beautiful pet dog breeds in the world:

Top 9+ most beautiful pet dog breeds in the world,_here  take a  look   the most lovely  and  good looking pet dogs around the world and most popular pet dogs in the world_you will delighted when you see the dogs which is most beautiful in the world.


Top 9+ most beautiful dog breeds in the world



Top 9+ most beautiful pet dog breeds in the world:


    1. Siberian Husky: 


Top 9+ most beautiful dog breeds in the world
Siberian Husky is very good looking and cute powerful dog. It looks similar to  wolfs  but it has no genous connection with wolfs. If husky come t you  than you may be thing it comes to  bite you but actually not, it  comes   to play with  you or  love you.
Husky’s  body  covered  by  a thick  layer  of  smooth, long,different colored hairs which made husky so beautiful  and good  looking. They  adapt to different environments. 
Husky is a god  which  have no  problem  to  adapt  in  cold and icey climates. They have a rare capability for vocalization.
They can produce large verity of sounds.It is one of the oldest dogs in  the  world.  Husky’s  love  the  snow. 
They  was used to pull sledge in the snow. husky  looks so preety  and  beautiful and well in nature that made husky a good pet for everybody. 


    2. Bernese Mountain Dog: 

Top 9+ most beautiful dog breeds in the world
Bernese   mountain   dogs  are beautiful  and   lovely  family pet dogs. Kids love to play with them as a friend.  This  beautiful pet dogs  are very  family  friendly.  They are mainly  in  black  and  white mix colored  with  long  and  smooth haired.  This  dog is popular due     to  its  good looks and friendly behaveours.   Bernese  mountain dogs can do different stunts after proper training. Bernese mountain dogs  is  a   social   pet,  they can easily adjust with other pets. They are fun loving pet and love to go walk with owner. Bernese mountain dogs want large shipment of food daily. Bernese mountain dog can pull 1000 pound of weight which is 10 times  of their  own  weight.  If  you  need a good looking family friendly pet dog then Bernese mountain dog is a good option for you. 

    3. Miniature Schnauzer: 

The  Miniature  schnauzer  is  a cute  small pet  dog.  It  is  a  little package of intellegence, affection, humor and personality that make you love to them. They win your heart   with   their   cleaver  and carming nature. They are very popular   pet   in  Germany  and North America. They have long hairs   and   they  are   found  in different colors but the most popular is   the  creamy   white  colored Miniature   schnauzer.  They  are always happy and fun loving dog. They  have  very  sharp  brain and have  ability  to  learn  something quickly. They  can  understand what  their owner want to tell them and behave accordingly. they can hear sound twice than a human. Miniature Schnauzer can understand his/her owner better than any other pet dogs. 



Top 9+ most beautiful dog breeds in the world
Beagle  is  a  super  beautiful pet dog.  Beagle was a popular hunting dog  n  19th  century.  Beagle looks more  beautiful  due  to his/her long extended  ears,   charm  smooth body  hairs,  and  multi colored body.  Beagle  is  also  a  good swimmer. Beagle is a perfect pet  for an active family which can take Beagle t o  exercise,  walk,  and playing  game.  Beagle  is   not recommended  for those family which have a young child. If  you teach a Beagle perfectly, Beagle  can do various intellegent activities. Beagle’s eyes are so much beautiful that attracts you to love them. 

    5. Pomeranian: 

Top 9+ most beautiful dog breeds in the world
Pomeranian  is   the cutest and beautiful  dog  breed among all    dog  breeds They  are small and     so  soft,  you   always  want  to touch them.The Pomeranian was born  is  the  enciant  Duchy of Pomerania  which  is   situated, between Germany ans Poland    and  they  become  popular  in Greece  and Rome and now in whole world. Pomeranian is the favorite  dog of  the girls. The Pomeranian is very social and friendly dog. The children loves Pomeranian, they likes  to play   with Pomeranian. Their hair is   long and  silky and soft. They  looks similar  to the snow fox. Their body hair is longer and their face hair is shorter. this short hairy coat of their face gives them a sweet look. If you have a Pomeranian as pet then you have to give constant attention and time to  them.  Pomeranian  is  very vocal, they are suitable for children.  Pomeranian  is very smart pet dog. A fixed daily routine makes Pomeranian more comfortable. 

    6. Golden Retriever:

Top 9+ most beautiful dog breeds in the world
Golden retriever  is  the  all  time favorite pet dog of most of the boys and kids. Golden retriever is very calm in  nature  and kids can play with  them  easily,  they  cause  no harm to the kids. Golden retriever dogs  likes  to  play in water  and they also  are good swimmers,  by doing swimming they also complete their exercise. Golden retriever dogs are used to tracking, hunting, police works  etc.  They are very kid friendly. They have very strong bonding to owner.  They  can  give their life also to  save their  owner life. They have very strong feelings. They always  need  their  owner company. The rank is 4th of golden retriever  in the smartest dog breeds around the world. Golden retriever god breed has three different types,  they  are  British  type,  American  type,  and  Canadian  type.  They  have  long  ears,  innocent face and cute eye balls which gives sweet look to them. They can easily win your heart and make you love to them.

    7. Yorkshire Terrier: 

Top 9+ most beautiful dog breeds in the world
Small in size but big in personality, this words completely matched with Yorkshire Terrier.  This is the most popular toy dog in United States of America, also known as the Yourkey. This dog has long and smooth-silky hairs among the whole body. The young children and kids loves this dog(specially girl child). It live about 12 to 15 years. Their hairy coat is shiny and often grow long and then part at down the middle of the back of body. The Yorkshire Terrier is also known as the toy dog due to its suitability with children and kids. their coat is similar to human hair. Yourkey is suitable for boys and girls both and also suitable for children. 

    8. Chow Chow:

Top 9+ most beautiful dog breeds in the world
Chow Chow is the oldest dog breed in the world. Earlier this god is used for   hunting   and  guarding  in  the castles. Looks  of  these dogs match with  teddy bares   that’s  why  kids loves them  very much.  Their  hairs is  so  soft  and  silky  and  shining. They are a very good looking family dog.  Everybody  loves  their  hairy look. They  are  found  in  different colors, mainly red, black, brown and blue  color  are  very  popular. They love  cold  weather  but can be adapt in warm weather also. Life spent of Chow  chow  breeds  in between 10-12 years. They are very loveable and good looking. If you need this breed then you have to do much care to them. They adapts quickly in apartment living. They are the only dog breed who have 44 teeth and a bluish tongue. They need daily grooming. If you need a live teddy bare than you can buy a chow chow.


9. Akita Inu:

Top 9+ most beautiful dog breeds in the world

Akita is a beautiful pet dog. Its look matches with a fox. Akita is known as “royal dog” because Akita is used  to  guard  the  castles. It  is a Japanese breed. Usually Akita is a calm natured dog but sometimes it can be aggressive. If you are a first time dog owner than Akita is not the best choice for you.Akita belongs from working dog category. They can be found in different colors like creamy  white,  black, brown  etc. Their  eyes   are  small,  face  is triangular shaped and ears are in a standing phase. They can be adapt in any weather. They have double coat of smooth hairs. Price of this dog is in between 40 to 70 thousand Indian rupees. Their tail is curved. If you need a charming good looking dog then Akita is for you. Akita likes to stay with family, they are very loyal for their family. They made a good bonding with their family.

10.  Alaskan Malamute: 


Top 9+ most beautiful dog breeds in the world

 The origin of Alaskan Malamute dog breeds is from United States. Earlier Alaskan Malamute dogs is used to guarding and to pull the sledges and in world war-ii Alaskan Malamute dogs was used as rescue dogs. Alaskan Malamute dogs has some types among them  Kotzebue types Alaskan Malamute and M’loot Alaskan Malamute are rarest types Alaskan Malamutes. Kotzebue always appears white and grey color, they are family friendly and like to play with kids. M’loot malamute appears different colors, they are big in size from Kotzebue Malamute’s. M’ loot Malamutes are more aggressive and their ear is big and straight. Alaskan Malamute dog breed belongs working group. Alaskan Malamute dogs has a double layer of long and silky hairs. They are very beautiful. If you are a dog lover then you definitely like Alaskan Malamute dogs. 


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Top 9+ most beautiful dog breeds in the world
Top 9+ most beautiful dog breeds in the world
Top 9+ most beautiful dog breeds in the world

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Top 9+ most beautiful dog breeds in the world:
Top 9+ most beautiful dog breeds in the world
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